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This is my effort to share my thoughts with readers about concerns facing our country today.  I believe there is a good chance my grandchildren may be the first generation in the history of this great country not to have a better standard of living than their parents. If so, our generation is to blame. The clock is running out for damage control. .

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Obama's Health Care and Homeland Security Combined

It's the best HMO and ACLU deal combined. Where do the Guantanamo detainees go? They can't go to their home countries. They can't go free. They can't be tried. Remember the man without a country that spent his life on a ship to nowhere? Are they in Obama limbo forever?

Google Abdullah Massoud. He was a one legged terrorist who went to Gitmo after being captured fighting American forces in 2001. There he was fitted with a special prosthetic leg at a cost of $75,000 to you, the taxpayer. Mad yet? Not even you, Chris Johnson? 

Released in 2004 he returned to Afghanistan and jumped(no pun intended since he had two legs again) back into war against the U.S.

He masterminded the kidnapping of two Chinese engineers who were in Pakistan helping on the Gomal Zam Dam project. The Americans with Disabilities Act at work. He said he just wanted to embarrass Pakistan for cooperating with the Americans. We, the people, who bought him a new leg. 

Pakistan stormed the hideout and killed all the kidnappers including Massoud. One Chinese engineer survived. I can't find out if the leg was recycled which is a big question for all of us who paid for it. Hopefully, there is another one legged man at Gitmo who can use this to go back to war with when released. 

China pulled all 100 engineers out and the work on the dam ceased. Good news the snail darters are saved. 

Here's a New York Times article about Massoud. "Abdullah Massoud had earned sympathy and reverence for this time in Guantanamo Bay...Upon his release he made it home to Waziristan and resumed his war against the U.S. With his long hair, his prosthetic limb and impassioned speeches he, he quickly became a charismatic inspiration to Waziristan's youth".  Why, it's Che all over again. With our leg. 

Just think about the medical wonders we can perform on the current crop at Gitmo with the new Socialized Medical program. Fix them up and turn them loose and they will be good as new to kill some more Americans. 

Janet Napolitano, the governor of Azizona, who has tried unsuccessfully to get Sherrif Joe Arpaio ousted as Maricopa Country sheriff, will do wonders as the director of Homeland Security. She will make a powder puff look tough on terrorism. 

9-11 is coming soon to a neighborhood near you. If the man behind the gun has a new arm courtesy of Obama, maybe it will fall off before the finishes the clip, since most doctors who work in socialized medicine don't do good work. That good medicine is coming to a neighborhood right where you live.

Reader Comments (2)

Thanks for the shout-out in today's post!!

You wrote.... no, you asked: <<Google Abdullah Massoud. He was a one legged terrorist who went to Gitmo after being captured fighting American forces in 2001. There he was fitted with a special prosthetic leg at a cost of $75,000 to you, the taxpayer. Mad yet? Not even you, Chris Johnson? >> Later, you suggest that it is Obama's fault if terrorists get new prosthetic limbs <<If the man behind the gun has a new arm courtesy of Obama>>.

It was the Bush Administration that gave that terrorist a new leg and it was the Bush Administration that released him!! So, about the only thing I have to be mad about is that you continue to try and pin the sins of the Bush Administration on the Obama Administration that has not even taken office yet!

December 2, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterChris Johnson

Almost correct Chris. Expect Obama is the one who is going to close Gitmo, already announced, he is going to introduce socialized medicine to the U.S. and he is the one who made Janet Director of Homeland Security. I'm just suggesting all of those are bad decisions and using Massoud as proof of that.

December 2, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterBill Robertson

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