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This is my effort to share my thoughts with readers about concerns facing our country today.  I believe there is a good chance my grandchildren may be the first generation in the history of this great country not to have a better standard of living than their parents. If so, our generation is to blame. The clock is running out for damage control. .

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Man Caused Disaster

Yesterday, Janet Napolitano introduced us to a new term. We are not to refer to deaths in America by unfriendly people who attack us on our soil as a Terrorist Attack. From this day hence, it's to be called a Man Caused Disaster. When I first heard the term, I thought Ms. Napolitano was referring to herself. Naming her Director of Man Caused Disasters is a future Man Caused Disaster on the part of President Obama. Every day she reaffirms my concerns that she will let another Man Caused Disaster hit us by her naive ignorance. Wait and see.

Since we are going to have to learn a new language to accommodate the current administration, I have a few to offer. 

First, the "Hidden Ball Trick". This is what we call the AIG scandal. First, the new treasury secretary with help from Chris Dodd, put language in the Stimulus Bill that requires contracts be kept. When the bonus problem is exposed, everyone on the team jumps on the CEO of AIG. Meanwhile, Geithner, who has the ball, sneaks into the end zone. By the time he's discovered the AIG team is being taken off the field on stretchers and Tim, Chris, and Barney are high fiving, applauded by Obama. This has been used in energy where congress did not allow any new energy options and when prices got high do the AIG trick with  the oil company CEO's. It was used with the auto industry, etc. It's a really good play and the American people never seem to catch on. 

Also, we have Piling On. No one does this better than politicians in Washington. This is how piling on works. When someone get tackled, doesn't matter which team, and we've being doing the same thing, we pile on. We may get credit for the tackle and it's takes the spotlight off us. Barney and Chris screwed up the housing market. When Freddie and Fannie came to the woodshed, they piled on. Barney kind of likes piling on.

Next, it's the "Give Me the Ball" Trick. When things start to unravel, our government says, "Give me the Ball." I can score. We're seeing that with AIG, the auto industry, the banks, and if Geithner gets his way any other company the government decided to take the ball from. We  forget the government always fumbles the ball. Never scores. Why in the world would the public ever let the government have the ball? Today, the U.S. Post Office announced they are in the worst shape they have ever seen in their illustrious history of always being in bad shape. Last year Amtrak had record losses because they had record ridership. If the American public were coaches we would have been fired long ago for letting the government  touch the ball. 

You have the "Statue of Liberty" play. In football, the quarterback stands in the pocket like he's going to pass and someone on his team slips behind him takes the ball and runs with it. In government you want to ram something through so you cloak it in patriotism, like the Statue of Liberty. You know you have absolutely no chance of getting it done if you play it straight. So, you bait and switch. Cap and trade. Who can be against fixing the planet? But, who can be for doubling your utility bills, gasoline prices, and all goods shipped anywhere? Very few. So, you use deception and never admit any costs will go up. Get the buy in that it's a pass, and then sneak that end into the end zone while everyone is watching the quarterback.

Finally, it's" Say it ain't so, Joe." This is the most popular in politics today. Remember Shoeless Joe Jackson from the White Sox who helped throw the World Series? He took money from his team and then took some more from the bookies to play bad. Do you think Obama and the Democratic congress really believe Card Check is best for America and all Americans? It's the $400 million they got from the labor unions that makes it work. Say it ain't so Barack, Rod Blagojevich, Barney, Chris and all the rest of you who got huge contributions from AIG, as well as the labor unions. 

See, I'm with the program. I get it. You coin a phrase that sounds very innocent to depict behavior that is seriously nasty. That way everyone feels better about it.

Try it again from the top. Instead of Terrorism, it's Man Caused Disaster. Instead of lying ass-ed Geithner, its the Hidden Ball Trick.  Instead of if we take it over we will screw it up just like we have everything we've ever done, it's Give Me the Ball. When someone get blamed for something you've done or were also doing, Pile On.  Instead of I"m about to put the screws to you and the rest of America, it's the Statue of Liberty play. Instead of pay for play, it's Say it Ain't so Joe.

I think we are all going to like learning Obamaspeak. It's part of the master plan for central control. I'm sorry, it's the Statue of Liberty play. 

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